Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights In Your Garden

Attempting to recreate Blackpool Illuminations in your garden isn’t for everyone. But, if like me, you wish to brighten up those dark December nights, it has never been easier.

What To Light

Let your imagination run wild.

Making a Show

Reindeer, Sheep, Sleighs and more are on offer, to decorate your gardens. Unless you are competing for the most lit garden, less is more, don’t overdo it. If you have a head for heights you can be more ambitious, lighting bargeboards and around windows. Wreaths, stars and figures can add interest.

Subtle Effects

Trees are the traditional choice and still a favourite. Don’t though limit yourself to evergreens, lights in leafless deciduous trees and hedges look amazing. Lights can effectively be used on architectural features, existing lamps and archways for example. Choose warm light white.

Battery Lights

The breakthrough has come with efficient LEDs. Battery powered traditional light strings, stars, trees and Christmas figures etc. can all be bought with battery power. Look out for those with timers.

Battery devices being low voltage are inherently safe and easy to install. The downside, if you have a lot of lights is the cost of batteries. Some are dimmer than mains power, so if the surrounding is bright, they may not show up as well.

Mains lights

Again these use LEDs so are cheap to run. There is an amazing choice of lamps and effects on offer, whether you wish to light just a tree or more.


Whether you buy online, at garden centres or department stores always look out for CE marking. All outdoor circuits should be protected with an RCD and cables protected from damage. If you have any doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

Waterproof boxes as shown are available from larger DIY stores, they are ideal for keeping timers, transformers and wiring dry and safe.

Makes sure all cables are protected from children, wildlife and are not a trip hazard.


Christmas Lights

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