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How to get your Garden Ready for Winter

The nation’s gardeners tend to be at their least active during winter. There’s minimal growth to be controlled, fewer daylight hours in which to work, and there’s less opportunity to create something spectacular.

The most effective gardeners, however, will see winter-time as an opportunity, not to take a break, but to prepare for the coming year. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to protect your garden against the worst of the cold weather and to get it ready to bloom again when Spring rolls around.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies for getting the most from your garden at this time of year.

Make it cosy

Just because the weather’s chilly doesn’t mean that you can’t actually use your garden as a living space. With the help of a shelter, a source of heat, and some creature comforts, you might be able to get tremendous use from it. Blankets and throws, soft furnishings, and a firepit or patio heater can all help to create an inviting space. Just be sure that you can keep track of your spending on the extra energy. Certain items, like outdoor LED lights, tend to be extremely affordable to run – so favouring them makes sense.

Get ahead on small tasks

Investing a little time now will help you to have more of it in springtime when things are surely going to be busier in the garden. Get on top of weeding, sweep up that pile of leaves, and prune those unruly bushes. Ideally, your garden space should be as tidy as you can make it once the leaves have fallen.

Mulch and compost

You can protect your plants by insulating your soil. Do this with a layer of mulch. This will help to prevent it from freezing. It might be that the compost you started during summer is now ready to apply to your garden, so check it and then take the appropriate action.

Have a clean

All of your unused pots should be stowed and stacked away. The edges of your borders should be trimmed, and your lawn should be mown. Any storage spaces, like sheds and garages, should be kept organised.

Deal with pests

The sooner you can intervene to deal with pests, the better. You don’t want them to come out of hiding after winter is done with and catch you off-guard. Find out where they’re all nesting and then try to dispose of them. It might be that certain areas of your garden offer a more appealing target for unwanted guests, so try and take note of them. You’ll make your life a great deal easier next time.

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