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Keep your lawn mower in top condition

Contributor Simply Garden Spares give advice on keeping your mower in tip top condition

Look after your mower and your mower will look after you. Machinery that does a tough job and is kept outside the house all year needs some regular TLC.

The need to service

Just how frequently you need to service your mowing equipment depends on how much you use it, but also on how much you don’t. Some lawnmower spares eventually perish if left in garages that are alternately very hot and very cold. If it’s damp, it makes sense to ensure moving parts are lubricated against corrosion. And just like a car, if you have a heavy ride-on motor mower, it is wise to turn the wheels occasionally rather than leave all the weight sitting in one place.

Although mowers deserve care all year round, as the growing season approaches there are some specific lawn mower parts you should be checking out. Remember that nearly all lawn mower parts are readily available and easily replaced – so don’t go throwing that mower out because of a minor problem.

Electric Mowers

Begin by checking that all cables, plugs and sockets are intact and not perished or corroded. Get correct replacement parts from reputable specialist suppliers.

A part more easily overlooked is the switch or trigger handle. On some models, securing pins and grips are prone to come lose and get lost, but these too are easily replaced. Make a note of the make and model of your mower before making your enquiry.

Examine the cutting blade or blades. If they are twisted, bowed or badly dented, you should replace them. These replacement lawnmower spares are readily available and not expensive. Loose blades are dangerous and at the least likely to gouge your turf when spinning, so check those locking nuts. If they have lost thread and can’t be tightened, replacements are easy to identify, but make sure you reassemble them complete with any sprung spacers and washers.

Metal blades in electric mowers are usually easy to sharpen. Tools for the job are available at your garden supplier.

Motor Mowers

It is not a good idea to leave stale fuel in the tank, so any that wasn’t emptied at the end of the previous season is best discarded and replaced with fresh (unleaded petrol goes stale after three months, making your mower hard to start).

Also consider an oil change (the job is easier with a warm engine). Make sure you have your starter cord and it isn’t frayed.

Like any motor, petrol engine lawn mower parts that need regular cleaning or replacing include the drive belts, spark plugs and filters. These jobs are not very difficult, but a spark plug spanner will make life easier.

As with electric mowers, it’s important to inspect those blades. In some models they are just as easy to replace or sharpen as they are in electric mowers, but in others it’s not so straightforward. Make sure you have a manual or clear instructions before attempting it.

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