Create your very own summer oasis in the comfort of your garden

Whatever size garden you have, a garden room gives you an outside oasis to unwind on barmy warm evenings and weekends.

Every year when it comes to the realisation that summer is just around the corner there is nothing more exciting than knowing that when it is here, you have your very own private sanctuary to escape into whenever it suits you best. The most beautiful thing about owning a home with a garden is that you have the ability to create whatever kind of image you desire. Whether you like escaping into the depths of the garden with a good book, or you like reclining back on the decking soaking up some rays it’s all about creating a vibe that suits you.


The main highlight to having a garden is privacy. There is nothing nicer than being able to lounge in your garden when the suns out or have the little ones running around jumping in and out of the paddling pool. Surrounding your garden with fencing is a great way to ensure your garden has the privacy you desire. There are other plus points to installing fencing too! You can use your mew fencing panels to grow yourself some Kenilworth Ivy, a beautiful crawling Ivy that grows to cover the panelling and create a gorgeous visual appearance.


This is quite an important decision when creating your garden plans. The main thing to consider is which will work best for you.  Both paving and decking have benefits as well as downsides.  Maintenance is a key factor to think about, whilst paving is relatively easy to maintain and keep clean, decking can be slightly more time consuming. Decking however is a slightly cheaper option in comparison to paving whereas paving would most likely last longer in life.


Once you have come to a decision on whether to deck or pave, you can look into the exciting part, the plants. It’s always best to have a colour scheme in mind when choosing the plants, you want. Think about the statement you want to make, if it’s bold and bright then think pink Hydrangea’s and Geraniums. If you’re wanting to create a calmer more understated atmosphere then consider Jasmine, Lillie’s and tulips. Two flowers I would always recommend for any garden would be Roses and Lavender. There’s nothing quite like growing your own lavender and picking a few small buds to place around the house giving it a scent that lasts.

Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve covered the basics of your garden and its new look you can look into furniture. The furniture is the main feature that will ensure you really create the right atmosphere to be able to escape into your own oasis and relax. Imagine reclining back onto a cushioned lounger surrounded by some beautiful pink Hydrangea’s with a good book in one hand and a glass of Pimm’s in the other.  Why not think about adding some lighting, there are some beautiful twinkly fairy-style lights on the market that enable you to rewind in the garden on an evening not just through the day. Also a simple feature such as a table with candles or small lighting will help to enhance the garden and give it a relaxing, enchanting atmosphere.

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