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Join Alan Gray, Ian Roofe, Thordis Fridriksson and their ever blossoming list of guests as they talk dirty to you! With weekly podcast videos they’ll show you exactly what you need to know to get gardening…covering all sorts from sowing seed, taking cuttings, pruning & splitting plants, recommended plant varieties, suggested money-saving ideas and pointing out plenty of top tips for success of course!

You can watch the videos below… find out more about their ‘dirty story’ here… and find out more about the presenters here.

Here’s how they are getting on so far…

Talking Dirty – Episode #60 – Jungle Plants, Salvias and Blue Leaves!

The plantaholic Mike Clifford makes a return this week discussing an incredible Sauromatum, his favourite fern, some super rare plants and some suggestions for anyone thinking about introducing jungle plants into their life!

Talking Dirty – Chelsea Flower Show Special

Perhaps the first and only ever Chelsea to be held in September, Thordis & Alan share personal highlights including their favourite plants and a special plant from Alan’s childhood.

Talking Dirty – Episode #59 – All things Perennial

Head Gardener at West Dean (famed for their chilli’s, arboretum and glasshouses) joins the discussions this week, going through the various challenges of planting, composting and plastic usage.

Talking Dirty – Episode #58 – Scent, Succession & Shade-lovers

Sue & Bleddyn Wynn-Jones from Crug Farm Plants are back with more treasures including Begonias, Bomarea, Cautleyas, Roscoeas and Buddleja.

Talking Dirty – Episode #57 – Land of the giants

Derry Watkins from Special Plants takes us for a look around her garden giving a glimpse of her ‘Carnival Bed’ and the giants that dwarf her!

Talking Dirty – Episode #56 – The Frustrated Gardener

Dan Cooper is here to tell us that you can never have enough Dahlias in your life and during our longest podcast ever he takes us from Cactus-types to Waterlilies via fibriated and single.

Talking Dirty – Episode #55 – That Botanic Guy

This week Alan & Thordis delve into the fascinating work or Exotics with ‘The Botanic Guy’ Conrad McCormick. He proves that even his small garden in Northern Ireland can fit in those amazing tropical big-leaved beauties.

Talking Dirty – Episode #54 – Arranging Wildflowers

The genius behind Moss & Stone Floral Design (Brigitte Girling) shows the wilder way of flower arranging celebrating nature in her designs.

Talking Dirty – Episode #53 – Butterflies

Val Bourne is back bring us a bountiful crop of butterfly chat alongside her top plants of the moment.

Talking Dirty – Episode #52 – Planting for the future

Taking a break from Burghley’s walled garden project, Joe Whitehead joins us to discuss planting for the future, water conservation and why even the most common of plants still deserve a place in your garden.

Talking Dirty – Episode #51 – Climber Combinations

One of the original Get Gardening team is back to regale us with an exciting chat about the East Ruston Old Vicarage exotic garden alongside some of his favourite plants right now.

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