Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gardening Gifts

Every November I have the same problem, what presents to buy! Fortunately, gardening suppliers have realised that there are a lot of gardeners out there, so providing us with plenty of new gift ideas. Here are some of our suggestions.

Gardening Gloves

Yes, it’s a bit like buying socks or hankies, but for a gardener, a pair of good quality gloves is essential. Look out for comfort and protection from sharp thorns.

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Secateurs and Holster

Gardeners love doing a bit of trimming as they walk around their gardens. You can’t go wrong with good secateurs and a handy robust holster

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Plant Tags

Gardeners are notorious for making do and mend. Slate plant tags are a luxury few will buy for themself, treat them!

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Seed Tins

Give them an excuse to bin those rusty old Christmas chocolate tins, there are some smart tins for keeping seeds dry, buy a couple, one for flowers and one for veggies.

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Metal Watering Cans

Plastic cans are practical, but they look cheap and often pour poorly. Metal, preferably galvanised are long lasting, robust and pour well.

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Tool Sets

There are some lovely gift sets out there, some looking too good to use. Go for stainless steel and wooden handles. For something different, I’ve seen some chocolate ones, yummy!

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Clock and Thermometer

Outdoor clocks and thermometers are both practical and attractive, look for metal rather than plastic cases.

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Gardening Mugs

Gardeners love their tea and coffee breaks. Both stylish enamel and china gardening mugs are on offer, I’ve seen a pair, one labelled Head Gardener the other Head Gardener’s Assistant.

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