The Easy Guide To Hot Tub Landscaping

As difficult as the lockdown periods have been, they gave many folks a new appreciation of their gardens, patios, and other outdoor spaces. If you’re thinking of upscaling yours by adding a hot tub, or if you already have a tub and want to give the area a fresh new look, you might want to consider a few landscaping ideas.

You don’t need to go to the extra effort of mucking about with rocks, soil, plants, and various bits and bobs, as none of it’s strictly necessary, but it’s worth it. In this easy guide to hot tub landscaping, you’ll learn about some of its benefits, and find ideas that are easy to incorporate at home, as well as a step-by-step guide to starting your project.

Benefits Of Hot Tub Landscaping  

A few of the benefits you could enjoy if you landscape your hot tub area include:

A sight to behold—A hot tub on its own, or surrounded by earth and rocks or stones, can soon become a bit of an eyesore that detracts from the rest of your property. Uplift the aesthetics of your garden by landscaping the area. Whether you dig beds and plant flowering plants and shrubs, create a rockery, or install decking and planters, you’ll create a feast for the eye (and an object of envy for the neighbours).

Increased property value—A beautifully landscaped hot tub can increase the value of your property, should you ever wish to sell. Even if it doesn’t push the price up, potential buyers would still prefer it to a plain old tub, a sprinkling of dust, and a puddle of mud.

Less evaporation—You can’t stop water evaporating from your hot tub, but you can decrease it by landscaping the area. Screens, plants, and shrubs can shield the tub from the wind, which is a major cause of evaporation. This has the added benefit of the financial savings from using less water to keep the tub topped up, and fewer chemicals to keep it clean.

More privacy—Depending on how you landscape the area, you could enjoy greater privacy. Tall plants and screens will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the neighbours to see you.

Landscaping Ideas For Your Hot Tub

Use one or more of the following hot tub landscaping ideas to create an oasis of beauty in your garden:

Choose a theme—Consider choosing a theme for your hot tub area just like you’d do for your bathroom or kitchen. If your garden already has a theme, you might want to stick with that, alternatively, do something different.

Use topiary, paving stones, tiles, classic or modern garden art, and a wall fountain or pebble bubble fountain to achieve a health and beauty spa look. Choose potted plants with tropical foliage, potted orchids, and bamboo screens for a jungle theme. Alternatively, use a trellis with climbing roses or honeysuckle, pinks (dianthus), phlox, delphiniums, and lavender for a cottage garden look.

Use screens, fencing, or green walls for privacy—Use one or more screens, lattice fencing, and/or green wall of plants to increase privacy around your tub. You can train climbing plants up lattice fences, trellises, and some screens, which may be a better option if you’re worried about feeling boxed-in when you’re in the hot tub.

Create lushness with hanging baskets—If your tub is near one or more walls, give it a truly lush setting by fixing hanging baskets to those walls. Ensure none of the baskets hang directly over the water—you don’t want leaves, petals, and other debris falling into the tub.

Choose fragrant plants—Including fragrant plants among your hot tub landscaping choices offers you the benefit of natural aromatherapy when you use the tub. Plus, they’re a nice distraction from the smell of the chemicals.

Avoid plants that could injure or attract stinging insects—If possible, avoid plants with thorns that could easily injure someone, as well as fruit-producing plants that attract wasps or bees.

Add accessories—Use accessories to add more beauty, interest, and functionality to your hot tub area. If you’ve gone with a theme, choose accessories that complement it. Consider elements such as outdoor lanterns, flame torches, garden ornaments such as a statue, a hot tub tray for drinks and snacks, and a chandelier or sun catcher hung from a branch.

Get Going Step-By-Step

The following steps are one way to tackle your hot tub landscaping project:

Step 1

Decide what you want from the area. Do you want to use the tub for relaxing alone or with a partner, or for entertaining friends? Do you have a theme in mind?

Step 2

Make a sketch of what you would like to see. Include the hot tub, surrounding features, what you would like to plant, and other elements. Experiment with a few different ideas until you settle on one you like.

Step 3

Make a list of the materials, plants, tools, and other equipment you’ll need, and then go shopping.

Step 4

Prepare the space around your tub when you’re ready to begin. Remove rocks, dead plants and grass, as well as any weeds. If it’s summer and the soil is dry, give it a good soaking the night before to make it easier to pull out the weeds’ roots.

Step 5

If you’re planting seedlings or young plants from pots, position them according to your sketch. Before digging a single hole, check if the layout needs any alteration. Seeing the plants in position may inspire you to rethink some of your design. When you’re happy with the layout, start planting.

Step 6

Lay a sheet of landscaping fabric or weed blocker before laying any gravel. The fabric sheet will help prevent weeds from growing through the gravel, decreasing the amount of maintenance required.

Step 7

Add a few solar-powered lights to provide ambient lighting in the evening. They’re a nice alternative to more expensive lighting options, especially if you don’t intend to use the hot tub in the evening regularly.

A Corner Of Paradise

With some creative landscaping, you can turn your hot tub into a corner of your vision of paradise. Use the tips in this easy guide to help you do just that. Then climb in, sit back and enjoy what you’ve created.

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