How To Choose a Reliable Landscape Gardener for your Project

Revamping your garden is an exciting time. Letting your creativity loose and putting your stamp on your outside space is a great way to give your home a fresh new feel, without the hassle of moving.

But landscaping your garden isn’t always plain sailing. We’ve all heard horror stories of botched jobs and work left unfinished.

In this blog post Chris Deakin, a reputable garden designer with decades of experience, explains the importance of choosing a reliable garden designer for your project, and how you can find one.

Why ‘good’ isn’t good enough

Garden design is a science and an art. Creating a successful outdoor space is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing space that strikes the right balance between a creative flair that meets the clients tastes and their practical demands.

To craft a space that offers all of this within a set timeframe and budget, you need the help of a skilled, trained professional. But not all garden designers are equal—it’s important to ensure you pick the cream of the crop.

If you don’t, you could end up with an outdoor space that’s far from your initial vision. If you’re going to spend time, money and effort on your garden redesign, you want to get it right.

Choosing an accredited garden designer is the best way to do this because they have:

  • Years of experience
  • Relevant insurance
  • Skill
  • Industry knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Customer service

You might think that a garden designer is a place to cut corners, but doing so could actually cost you dearly.

Do your research

Finding the right garden designer for the job is something that takes time and patience—but it’s something worth doing right. From reading reviews and testimonials to sifting through case studies and portfolios, researching your local garden designers is one of the best ways to find one that’s both reliable and right for your project.

Reviews left by other customers are one of the most valuable resources out there when it comes to selecting the perfect garden designer. They’ll give you insight into the entire redesign process from a customer perspective, providing an accurate indication of what to expect.


If you’re short of time or want a fast way to find the right person for the job, the Society of Garden Designers is a safe way to go.

SGD-registered garden designers are professionals at the top of their game. With 3 years of experience or more and SGD accredited status, gardeners registered on the SGD site are some of the most recognised in their field. This way, you can at least be sure they know what they’re doing and won’t leave your garden in a worse state than they found it in.

Start a conversation

The best way to find a reliable landscape gardener for your project is to speak to them! Picking up the phone, sending an email or paying a visit is one the best ways to see if a garden designer can meet your needs and understands your vision.

Speaking one-to-one about what you want to achieve and how they can help you to do it will help to form a trusted relationship and clarify the garden design process from initial plan to build. From a 10-minute conversation you’ll be able to gauge whether the designer is reliable and can meet your expectations.

Whether you’re committed to a design and want to find a gardener who fits the brief, or need a helping hand from someone who can create the perfect concept, finding a reliable garden designer is a box that needs to be ticked.

Bio: This blog post was contributed by Chris Deakin. Chris is an award winning garden designer with over 20 years of experience in the industry who operates throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

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