Pollination Checker
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Pollination Checker

We have received information on a free Pollination Checker for fruit trees from Julien de Bosdari of Ashridge Trees, Castle Cary, Somerset. The aim of this free tool is to assist gardeners with the pollination of good crops and also help our declining bee population.

Fruit trees must be pollinated to produce fruit. This happens when pollen from one fertilises the flower of the other, the trees need to be different but compatible varieties. They need to be in flower at the same time. This Pollination Checker allows you to check if your existing, or the trees you plan to plant are compatible.

Did you know that triploid trees such as the Bramley can be fertilised by a wide range of other varieties but they cannot fertilise any in return. Most plum trees are self-fertile. So, to ensure a good crop, use the tool to make sure you plant the right varieties.

Thanks to Ashridge Trees

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