National Pumpkin Day?

You know it’s autumn when the lovely orange-coloured crops start appearing on the shelves in every store, and pumpkin spice everything fills the menus of the cafés. Pumpkins have become the unofficial symbol of October, with Halloween putting the cherry on top of the pumpkin-themed celebrations. Therefore, as all good things, they deserve their own day to be celebrated – and it falls on the 26th of October every year. 

Celebrating Pumpkin Day is easy for those who are a fan of the autumn crop – baking a pumpkin pie, roasting some pumpkins or drinking a hot pumpkin spice latte are just some of the many ways you can get involved with this event. Or, if you are not a fan of the flavour, but would still like to be able to celebrate, it’s a great time to carve some pumpkins for Halloween or visit a local pumpkin patch.

Some Pumpkin-Spiced Facts

  • Did you know that your favourite autumn vegetable is in fact not a vegetable at all? Country Living confirms that pumpkins are technically fruits – more specifically, berries! 
  • According to Healthline, pumpkins have several health benefits: rich in antioxidants and fibres, they reduce your chances of developing chronic diseases and cancer. 
  • Guinness World Records notes that the world’s heaviest pumpkin was recorded at a pumpkin festival in Italy in 2021 – it weighed over a ton! 

To help celebrate and increase awareness, 100% of the profits made by the kind folks at Wire Fence on the 26th October will be donated to a gardening charity or organisation supporting gardeners. To find out more or to apply for a donation, click here.

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