Design Additions to Make Your Garden Beautiful

Gardens can be forgotten about or slightly neglected, which does not make sense as this is just as much your home as the interior of your house. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you should absolutely make the most of it. Often, we take gardens for granted until we don’t have one, then we realise how great they actually are. This is your own piece of outdoor space that you can decorate as you please, bringing some nature into your personal life. Here are some great design additions that will make your garden an idyllic place to be.

A Seating Area with a Roof

Firstly, you will probably use your garden much more if there is a seating area that has a roof. Rain is one of the main barriers to consistent garden usage, but if a cosy outdoor seating area is made with corrugated roofing, then this issue can be combatted. By using something like Corrapol stormproof roofing, you wont have to worry about rain getting through and this is a pretty affordable option to take.

There is a range of corrugated roofing options to choose from depending what you are looking for and how big the area you want to cover is. With a Corrapol PVC installation, it can be safest to have a little bit of excess roofing area, to account for the wind blowing rain in different directions. Now, you will be able to enjoy some drinks or a peaceful read outside without getting wet!

Depending on where you’re based, this can be a game changer. Those of us in England will know that we see mostly rainy days. Although, in recent years we’ve definitely seen a spike in warmer periods which is when you might also like some shade! With that in mind, when figuring out where to place your seated area, contemplate the whole area of your garden including how the sun moves around during the day and when you are most likely to be sat outside.

Finding an optimal spot will make this area more enjoyable and to ensure its versatility remember to think about all the seasons as opposed to the one we might be in just now.

A Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a lovely addition to your garden and will encourage you to start growing some of your own vegetables. With the cost of living increasing, every little thing we can do to be more self-sufficient is great. Different times of year are generally better for growing different vegetables, but a greenhouse provides an extra level of protection that will keep your crops safe from surrounding wildlife. Greenhouses can also look very attractive and really tie your garden together.

It’s important to remember that greenhouses don’t always have to be boring. You might think of a green house and have an image of in your mind of a small glass house that can help your seedlings and plants grow. In this day and age, there are plenty of options including luxury green houses that even can have log burners installed for example.

Elevate the standard green house into being a beautiful addition to your garden. A go-to place where you can hang out and unwind. Try adding in some beautiful terracotta pots and plenty of plants, this is something that will definitely elevate the whole finish of your garden and is worthwhile looking into.

A Small Pond

Adding a small pond to your garden will keep it in touch with nature and will welcome wildlife into your garden throughout the year. Having tadpoles and frogs is great for ecosystems and it is nice to know that you have a role in helping local wildlife. Not to mention, ponds are absolutely stunning even when they are small – you only need around a square metre to make a pond, but of course if you have a larger garden then you could extend this. Decorating around your pond with some plants and pebbles will really tie the look together and make your garden look as though a lot of effort has gone into it.

If a pond seems like it’s too much of a commitment, then you can always opt for some sort of a water feature. There are plenty that look great and can also create a range of soothing sounds.

Adding in additions like a water feature and potentially a bird house, you’ll find that you’re emulating a similar energy with soothing sounds and wild life reaching you close to your home.

Every day we should be getting some fresh air, but sometimes it is hard to find time to go outside. Having a garden makes this just that bit easier; if you are rushed off your feet, even just having a few twenty minute intervals outside will be beneficial for your mental health. Making your garden somewhere you enjoy being and accommodating your own needs is what will make this worthwhile.

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