Why Chrysanthemums Are A Great Addition To Any Garden

Flowers are a great way to add colour and flair to your garden and make it look like a natural paradise.

For many of us gardeners, choosing the right flowers for our outdoor space is a challenging task. There are a lot of factors to consider, including the type of soil you have, the other plants in your garden and where you’re going to place your flowers.

Still, many gardeners gravitate towards the same options, with the 2022 list of the most popular flowers in the UK including roses, sunflowers and tulips.

While all of these flowers are stunning, there’s definitely something to be said for the humble chrysanthemum.

It might not be as showy as a sunflower or as classic as a rose, but a chrysanthemum can be a gorgeous addition to any garden and a great choice for anyone looking to brighten up their flowerbed.

Whether you’re looking to start a flower garden or just brighten up your space with some stunning foliage, these tips should help you see the benefits of choosing chrysanthemums.

Colour Options

Colour is a key focus for most gardeners when searching for flowers. While some plants come in just one colour, chrysanthemums come in almost every shade. Whether you want pristine white or quirky orange, a bold red flower or a subtle purple one, there’s a chrysanthemum colour out there to suit your garden’s style. Chrysanthemums come in different styles too, with some offering a block of colour all over the flower’s head, while others have subtle variations across the petals. Usually, the darker colouring is at the centre of the flower, and the pigment becomes more faded as you get further towards the edge of the petals. So, whatever your style or preference for your garden, you can find the right chrysanthemum colours to fit it.


Chrysanthemums are a practical choice for anyone who wants to create a varied flowerbed or potted plant display. These stunning flowers live well alongside many other common varieties of flowers and other bedding plants. Specialist plant sellers like Plants2Gardens allow you to buy plants online, including chrysanthemums and a range of complimentary plants. Their selection means you can cultivate a beautiful flowerbed or potted display that showcases the beauty of your chrysanthemums.


Perennial and surprisingly hardy, chrysanthemums flower up until late October in the UK, which means their ideal for a splash of winter colour. Many varieties of chrysanthemum can survive extreme temperatures, including cold and frost, although many gardeners do cover them in the winter. As such, chrysanthemums are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a long-lasting plant that will work well in a wide range of situations.

When you’re looking for a delicate and beautiful flower that will fit into any display, chrysanthemums might be the perfect choice for you. This guide helps you to understand the many benefits of these often-overlooked flowers and why they can make a great addition to any flowerbed. Check out all the colours and styles available to find the perfect chrysanthemums for your next garden project.

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