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Water Features For Your Garden

A water feature adds interest and sound to a garden, some also encourage wildlife. Enhance your garden space.

Even the most spectacular home garden can easily be upgraded by involving water, whether it’s in the form of a birdbath, a miniature pond, or a trickling fountain. Here are a few specific suggestions for water features to consider installing this summer.

Garden Pond

Nothing can change and improve the dynamic of your home garden quite as efficiently as a small pond. It’s a bit of a project, but installing an artificial pond and surrounding it with the right border (stones, shrubs, flowers, etc.) can make for a very peaceful addition indeed. Fill it with water lilies and a few fish and you’ll have your own little water ecosystem started!

A pond oxygenator can keep your fish and water plants healthy by keeping the water properly oxygenated, particularly during the summer. You’ll still need to clean debris and occasionally recycle water, but this little tool can keep a mini-pond in great condition.

Features and Fountains

Large garden centres and specialist aquatic outlets offer a wide choice of water feature. Stone and slate types are long lasting and attractive though they are more expensive. The choice include; statues, classic architecture, geometric and natural shapes. Similarly, there is a wide choice of plastic and fibre glass features, they look cheaper, some really naff! but they are much cheaper. Glass and metal based designs are also made.

Stand alone types only require power, those with submerged tanks require some groundwork.


The simplest water feature to add to a garden. A birdbath is a very simple ornament that serves multiple purposes. To begin with, it’s an attractive piece all on its own. Additionally, however, attracting birds to the garden is never a bad thing when you’re going for atmosphere!


Feature lighting with water can make an attractive focal point. Be sure to use suitable fittings and have them professionally installed.

Warning-Water is dangerous if there are small children around, even shallow pools pose risks.

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