artificial grass
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Artificial Grass

There is no substitute for an attractive well tended lawn. Where a real lawn is impractical, artificial grass could be the answer. Areas of heavy traffic, under trees, those totally shaded or dry and those too small to mow.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way from the crude plastic grass of only a few years ago. Some types look very realistic in both colour and feel. The softer, more realistic products are more expensive whilst some cheaper versions are more vibrant in colour.

They are low-maintenance, hardy and all weather, they can look more attractive than hard surfaces. They are an ideal solution when creating a garden space on a balcony, terrace, roof or outbuilding, where the weight of the soil and turf can be an issue.


There is a range of types of artificial grass in different colours available. Let your imagination go wild and create a garden like no other. Sold by the square metre in much the same way as fabric, fake grass can cover the roof and sides of a shed to soften its appearance and allow it to merge more with the plants surrounding it giving the garden a more organic feel. Alternatively, you could create a garden with a difference using some of the more vibrant yellow, red or brown shades that are available now.

Companies will supply samples for you to look at before you make your purchase, enabling you to select the best one for your garden. If you are working to a budget and choose to lay the lawn yourself rather than have it done professionally, it can be set down over anything as long as it is level. Use sand or underlay on surfaces that are uneven such as concrete paths or pavers.

We are all being encouraged to lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles and this includes gardening. Some companies offer products made from recycled materials. This makes the option of an artificial lawn very attractive as you will also no longer need to water or mow your lawn or use chemical fertilisers to get that lush growth.

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