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Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Garden For Winter Wildlife

A garden for wildlife doesn’t need to look messy

With winter on it’s way it’s time to start doing your bit for nature and start preparing your garden to help the wildlife survive the cold months. Even if you don’t have a specific wildlife garden you can still carry out a few preparations to ensure birds and mammals have food to eat and shelter throughout the harsh winter months.

Here are a few wildlife friendly tips to consider

  • Birds will become dependent on the food you provide for them. Ensure feeders and tables are regularly cleaned and fully stocked
  • If you have a pond, now is the ideal time to clean your pond ready for the winter months. Double check that only remove rubbish and not the living creatures. Carefully make a hole in the ice if it freezes.
  • Spread fallen leaves over your flowerbed. This provide a rich mulch for your garden. It is also a great habitat for frogs and invertebrates amongst the damp leaves
  • Cut hedges towards the end of the winter months because hedges provide shelter for birds and it will give them the chance to eat all the berries
  • Encourage hedgehogs with clean water and food everynight
  • Avoid disturbing your compost heap

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