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How To Secure Your Garden Equipment To Prevent Theft

If you own a home with a private garden, you will likely have some specific equipment for tending to it. This can range from small hand tools like pruning shears and gloves to larger machines such as lawnmowers or strimmers. These items can be expensive to replace if they go missing or are stolen. You want to protect your garden equipment as much as possible. As with any other piece of valuable property that needs protecting from potential thieves, there are a few steps you should take in order to reduce the likelihood of your garden equipment being stolen. Keep reading for top tips on how to secure your garden equipment.

Lock Your Tools In A Shed

The first thing you should do is store your garden equipment in a secure, lockable shed. This way, all your valuable tools will be nice and safe, and you can rest assured that they won’t go missing. If the shed is robust enough, it should be able to withstand a break-in attempt successfully. Additionally, garden tools locked in a shed are less likely to be stolen than those left outside. 

Get Home Insurance

If your garden equipment is stolen or damaged, it’s likely you’ll need to claim on your home insurance. If you have an existing policy, you should check to see if your garden equipment is covered. If it isn’t, you could consider increasing your cover or adding it to your insurance policy. The right home insurance in Northern Ireland will help you cover the costs of replacing any lost, stolen or damaged equipment in your garden, and you can view your options here to find the right policy for you.

Install Security Lighting

Security lighting is a great deterrent against thieves. It will make your property look more secure and likely discourage any potential break-in attempts. You can get LED solar lights for the garden that are easy to install and will look discreet. If your budget allows, you could also get motion sensors that will automatically turn the lights on when someone enters your garden. This will make it even more difficult for anyone to try to steal your tools without being detected.

Install a GPS Tracker

If you have high-value tools or machinery, you could invest in a GPS tracker. This will allow you to track your equipment online via a map, and you can receive an alert when your item has been moved. This way, you’ll know if someone has tried to take your garden tools out of your garden or off your property. You can then contact the police and hopefully have the thief caught before they have a chance to sell the item.


Protecting your garden equipment from theft is important. You don’t want to go out to your garden one day to find that someone has stolen your lawnmower or strimmer. If you follow the tips in this article, you can rest assured that your garden tools are well protected. In the long run, taking a few easy steps, like locking them away in a shed, getting home insurance, or installing a GPS tracker, could save you a lot of money.

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