Winter Garden

Landscaping through winter

If you’re landscaping, you’ll know the challenges that come hand-in-hand with the colder months of the year. And if you are a professional, thinking of new, creative ways to keep business coming can be difficult, so we’ve outlined a few of our favourite tips and tricks to stay afloat.

Read on to discover how to keep a profit through winter and keep your customers happy with a sterling, year-round performance.

When does landscaping season start?

Landscaping enjoys a relatively long season, with professional gardening services in demand throughout spring, summer, and autumn. In early spring, you’ll need to make all the initial preparations before the first bloom – and possibly plant some hardy annuals, too.

As the season continues, clients need plants and lawns to be tweaked and maintained to keep them looking healthy. Most of the tidying and clearing jobs can be done throughout the autumn, leaving an emptier schedule in the winter months.

Which landscaping services can be offered through winter?

  • Building

During winter, you’ll have more time to spend speaking and planning with your clients. During the consultation phase, why not suggest a winter landscape project for their garden?

From installing large planters to building a tree house, there are still plenty of possibilities for building during winter. Just make sure the ground isn’t frozen before starting any digging, and make sure you use only high-quality tools that you can find in RS, such as hole saws and core drill bits.

  • Installing lights

With winter comes the build-up to Christmas. Many of your clients will have visions for spectacular light displays outside their homes, but not all of them will be able to physically install them. Here, you could use your expertise and eye for design to help your clients celebrate the festive season. You can also prepare beautiful lighting projects to decorate their garden after Christmas period.

  • Drainage solutions

From clearing gutters to creating channels for snow, helping your clients deal with cold, wet conditions could be another way to keep business coming in. Most people need their gutters cleaning, and you’ll be able to offer this service without making any major investments, too.

  • Pressure washing

If you’ve picked up one of the best pressure washers on the market, you can put it to good use throughout the colder months. Autumn is the perfect season to start pressure washing different surfaces, so some of the pressure washing services you could offer include:

  • Decking
    • Patios and porches
    • Driveways and pavements
    • Roofs and outer walls
    • Fences
  • Mulching

Even though mulching is necessary throughout the rest of the calendar year, it’s even more vital during winter. Make sure you provide clients with existing elaborate landscaping projects with mulching to ensure that their most delicate plants survive until the next spring.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful as you prepare for the winter season.

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