gardening in drought

Tip for gardening in drought

Despite one of the wettest Springs I can remember, following a few hot dry weeks of Summer, our water companies are calling “foul” and introducing hosepipe bans. Sadly as gardeners we cannot do anything about their chronic lack of investment so what can we do to look after our gardens this Summer. Here are some tips for gardening in drought based on information received from the RHS.

RHS Advice

  1. Although trees may shed leaves, established trees, shrubs and roses can usually survive
  2. Use wastewater from the home if you can
  3. Prioritise the watering of newly planted trees and shrubs, check the root ball is wet
  4. If planting can’t be delayed; fill the planting hole with water, allow to drain and repeat several times before planting.
  5. A good soak every 10 days in July and 14 days in August is better than little and often and less work, move pots and baskets to the shade
  6. Lawns may look unsightly but will recover
  7. Boost shading on greenhouses and conservatories

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A snippet of news interested me over the weekend, it seems one of the reasons London’s Plane trees thrive is because of the watering they get from leaking mains!


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