2022 Trends For Your Garden

Stunning New Looks For Your Outdoor Space

After spending a stressful year like 2021 at home, the idea of creating a natural and pleasing outdoor living spot is fantastic. It’s high time to overhaul your garden into the stylish corner of your home, where you can relax, read, socialise, cook, work, exercise, and even entertain yourself.

So, what is on-trend in 2022? There are a lot of tasteful trends for making a joyful and soothing outdoor space. Even if you don’t have much garden space, we have rounded up a few stunning ideas combined with colour and material to switch it into a multifunctional dreamiest place.

The Sneak-Peak Of Garden Trends In 2022

The basic theme of garden trends this year is to connect yourself with nature for the sake of wellbeing and sustainability. Similar to interior designing, colourful successional planting, raising natural wildlife, and all-weather gardening are on the top this year.

If you’re interested in adding glamorous material and patterns to your garden to upgrade its look, then you can try natural, artisan, and practical items. According to Flower Council, Ceramic, raffia, granite, and colored glass are glorious for a seamless indoor-outdoor feel.

Top 10 Garden Trends To Freshen-up The Outdoor Space

1. Optimising a balcony or terrace

Adding little greenery and biodiversity of plants is a great way to maximise the small spaces of your home, including balconies, porches, and terraces. The idea of developing small serene gardens is a hot topic this year.

You can go the extra mile to upgrade small outdoor spaces. For example, the addition of different traditional flowers, surprise planters, and vertical garden walls with little furniture can bring life to the gloomy areas of your home. The green hue with a blend of bright colours planting can make the whole space lovely and joyous.

2. Harmonised Outdoor Living Space

Your garden is the ultimate wellness pocket where you can find peace and mindfulness after a long tight day schedule. The complementing pair of furniture and accessories can turn your patio into an extra outdoor room.

Rattan furniture is trendy nowadays. So, you can buy rattan furniture and experiment with different seating arrangements of your choice around the table for creating any theme. The lush planting in decorative pots makes the whole space more liveable and attractive. But if you can fill up the space with pillows, rugs, and festoon lights, that would be an amazing transformation.

3. Adding Curves And Gravel

Creative and skillful landscape gardening is booming these days. The blend of curves and straight lines around the beds, garden pathways, walls, and borders are primarily used for the soft and organic look. The curvey planters and shapely seatings can also enhance the layout to the next level.

On the other side, the magical gravel is gaining popularity because of its mulching and effective water drainage properties. However, the pathways and beds made of gravel kit out a fascinating garden look.

4. White Garden Scheme

The use of a white colour scheme for dressing up your patio or garden is one of the top this year. The combination of white planting with rattan furniture is a good way to go. Whatever the option you pick, white is a perfect fit for any theme of the green garden. Moreover, spicing up the patio with decorative lights such as string lights and led lights can accompany the whole setup.

5. Water Feature Style

When it comes to outdoor space styling, a water feature is vital. No outdoor space is complete unless you add any water feature to it. People encourage this feature because it allows tasteful touches and soothing sounds that promote a sense of composure.

For that, you can add a small rock or staircase waterfall, fountain, birdbath, or DIY water feature to bring liveliness to your outdoor focal point according to your living area.

6. Stunning Flowers And Succulents

The use of pastel mixed fire tone colored flowers and succulents of epic variety can make your outdoor area more charming. And this easy-peasy garden idea is still appreciated in 2022. Adding colourful succulents grown in statement pots can freshen your entire outdoor living spot. So why not try this cool setup this year?

7. Gym Garden Room

If you are the person who cares about health and fitness, then you could build a fitness studio using available outdoor space. For making the place more natural and serene, you can add some decorative items of your choice. Moreover, it’s a win-win trend to follow because you will be able to exercise whenever you want without even paying hefty gym charges.

8. Garden Art

We often use paintings depicting the natural phenomenon inside our home as an interior design. Then why not translate this idea to enhance your outdoor beauty? The murals, aluminium plates, and decorative metal pieces hanging on the outside walls of the balcony, porch, or terrace can bang on the stunning outdoor space styling.

9. Seasonal planting

Filling up your patio with a variety of seasonal plants provides you with a liveable experience with bright vibes of colours. Growing flowering plants, herbs, and shrubs is also a great way of attracting wildlife. As we are restricted to travel, we need to connect with nature, says Emma bond. And establishing your outdoor space with colourful planting can surely help you to reconnect with nature.

10. Wildlife Garden Trend

Creating a vibrant patio or garden where wildlife flourishes, birds chirp and play offers you a sense of fulfilment and contentment. So for making your outdoors such a joyful spot, all you need is to add such plants and accessories to your garden that can attract wildlife. For example, birdbaths (where birds come to drink water) are the best source that you can go for.

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