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Tips To Prevent Back Pain While Gardening

Here are some tips to help prevent back pain when gardening.

Remember gardener’s, prevention is better than cure!

  • Warm up – go for a short walk and do some basic stretches to warm up before you begin.
  • Ease into it – don’t try to complete all your tasks in one session and be sure to alternate between jobs; 30 minutes weeding, then 20 minutes pruning etc.
  • Digging – Dig level and parallel to your hips whilst using your foot to push down. Be sure to lean straight down from above as opposed to reaching out in front of you and bend from the knees when lifting soil. Take plenty of breaks to avoid pain from repetitive strain.
  • Raking – Try to maintain a straight back and pull the rake directly back towards your body without twisting.
  • Treating decking – Invest in a decking roller to avoid bending down or you could use a kneeling pad.
  • Planting – Use a kneeling pad to avoid bending down. Take regular breaks to do counter stretches. If you are potting plants where possible, if the pot is not too big, lift onto a work surface of a comfortable height so you don’t have to bend.
  • Lifting – Don’t try to carry heavy things from one end of the garden to the other, use a wheel barrow.
  • Refreshment breaks – Take regular, well earned breaks and drink water to stay hydrated.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your gardening.

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