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Talking Dirty – Episode #50 – Happy 50th Episode & Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to us!!! It’s our first birthday and episode number 50 – what a great double celebration!!!

For such an occasion we had to dedicate it to the beloved rose…of course we did. Most of us are lucky enough to have one or two in our own gardens, but which ones should we be choosing and what are the hints and tips to get the best out of them? This week the guys are joined by the Rosarian Michael Marriott – a chap who certainly knows his roses inside and out! Apart from some life changing pruning advice, Michael talks about his favourite roses for flowers, fragrance and form. So if you are thinking about adding some roses into your life and garden, this is the podcast for you.

Talking Dirty – Episode #49 – Good Things Can Come In Small Packages!

Don’t worry if your garden isn’t that big…or even if it is tiny! Every garden has the chance to generate the same impact as it’s larger neighbour! So in this episode the guys catch up with fellow podcasters Mr Plant Geek himself (Michael Perry) and Ellen Mary of @ThePlantBasedPodcast. Between the four of them, three have only smaller gardens at home. Aside from chatting about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of small scale gardening, the foursome also talk about allotment life, plant based lifestyles and some zany planting combos!

Talking Dirty – Episode #48 – It’s all about the Sweet Peas!

Some gardens are synonymous with particular flowers and for Sweet Peas you need to head to Easton Walled Gardens! As this year’s peak season for Sweet Pea is well underway, Lady Ursula Cholmeley joins Alan and Thordis to talk through the history of the gardens and their long association with Sweet Peas. Over the years they’ve tried all sorts of different varieties and experimented with lots of different ways to grow them!

And, as if all the Sweet Pea fun wasn’t enough, there are also some great lime-tolerant lovelies which Ursula has been cultivating in their wonderfully named ‘Pickery’ (or cutting garden to you and me!).

Talking Dirty – Episode #47 – Plantsman Joe Sharman shares propagation secrets

As soon as you fall in love with plants, there is a very good chance that you end up wondering if you can make more from what you’ve got. The is nothing more magical (and addictive) as propagation, but the big question is how to master it? Then once you have figured it out…just how far can you take it? This episode, sees guest plantsman Joe Sharman who shares some super secrets which he’s learned from a lifetime loving plants. Alan, Thordis and Joe also discuss how to trigger a horticultural spark in others and look at some unusual plants – get your notepad and pens at the ready to add them to your wish list! Lastly, we can’t forget some great FLOMO as well…Fear Of Missing Out…on a fabulous plant.

Talking Dirty – Episode #46 – Luke Whiting from D’Arcy & Everest Alpine specialists join the chat

We all know the saying…”all the best things come in small packages”…well that couldn’t be more true of Alpine plants. This week, if you think you might need convincing, Luke Whiting joins us to prove how wonderful they can be. Luke talks about their resilience and hardiness, especially considering the range of situations you can grow them in! And we can’t forget the variation of stunning flowers and foliage. He doesn’t give away all his secrets, but he certainly lets us in on some of the treasures D’Arcy & Everest Alpines produce and sell. Alan Gray and Thordis are also building up their wish lists and by the end of this episode you’ll have a few more FLOMOs (Floral FOMOs) as well! 

Talking Dirty – Episode #45 – Do you know your Auriculas…Jane-Ann Walton tells us more

When you look at Auriculas it can sometimes be hard to believe that they are actually real! This week is focused on these perfect little plants as we are joined by grower Jane-Ann Walton as she explains the various different types of these fabulous diva plants and how best to grow them. She covers compost mixes, pests like root aphid and red spider mite, the ideal pots to use, overwintering strategies, where to start if you’re a beginner and even helpful tools to use. Jane-Ann has over thirty years experience and she wows Alan and Thordis with some stunning examples.

It’s not all about the Auriculas though…the trio can never stop themselves getting carried away with a various other horticultural treasures as well!

Talking Dirty – Episode #44 – Do you know your Auriculas…Jane-Ann Walton tells us more

Who doesn’t want to hear about the scent of bubble-gum and an ‘eleven-month-a-year’ plant? In this week’s instalment The Talking Dirty Podcast is packed full of wonder, surprises and more must-haves for the garden. We’re joined by Ben Preston this week, who despite his younger years is already causing a stir in the horticultural world with his huge knowledge of plants. As head gardener at York Gate he’s sharing some of the highs (and lows) of his ever-inspiring and exciting gardening endeavours. And that’s not all…join us for eye-catching Aroids, a parade of Primulas and some seriously charming Corydalis.

Talking Dirty – Episode #43 – It’s ‘Talking Heads’ time

This week it is a case of podcasters uniting for this edition of Talking Dirty. Alan Gray and Thordis catch up with Talking Heads podcasters, Lucy Chamberlain and Saul Walker. Both of these fabulous guests are professional Head Gardeners and by sharing their adventures in the garden (both at work and at home), Lucy and Saul have a loyal fanbase audience who enjoy their gardening adventures.

Saul is very much into his Exotics and Lucy is a proud #crazytomatolady, so as you can imagine, they both live up to their reputation when it is time for the Show and Tell section! Also in the podcast this week is a delightful mix of Edibles, Exotics and all the come in between!

Talking Dirty – Episode #42 – The Frustrated Gardener

Join The Frustrated Gardener for this week’s episode of Talking Dirty as Dan Cooper joins Alan and Thordis for a char. His Instagram and blogging exploits are such an inspiration…covering the trials and triumphs of container gardening, some stinky Geraniums, the oh so sexy Tulips and not forgetting the rampant Impatiens. This week is a joyful journey through Dan’s plants of the moment.

Talking Dirty – Episode #41 – The Plantswoman’s crop

This week Alan and Thordis are joined by one of their favourite guests, Val Bourne. She never fails to deliver a real plantswoman’s crop of treats & treasures for us all to enjoy and grow at home. This week, a particular highlight is sharing her love of bulb lawns…including an insight into the varieties which she has naturalised in her own mini-meadows at home. They also discuss the monocarpic tendencies of some plants (don’t panic, it isn’t catching!), the true patience needed to grow Trilliums from seed and sharing some experiences of ‘the one that got away’!

Talking Dirty – Episode #40 – The 40th Anniversary!

For this milestone episode the team head out on tour for the first time ever! So for this week’s episode of the Talking Dirty podcast, we see the guys visit a beautiful garden of extraordinary plantsman and Botanist Richard Hobbs. As you can imagine, Alan and Thordis are blown away by his amazing Muscari (of which he holds the National Collection), Scillas, Pulsatillas, Anemones, and plenty more!

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