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How to Use Insurance to Protect Your Garden

Whether you are new to gardening or take care of it throughout the year, you should take pride in what you can achieve with and in it. Unfortunately, many people overlook the value of their gardens. Garden thefts and vandalism are a serious concern so leaving them uninsured might prove to be a bigger headache than having a few plants and pots stolen. What you might not know is that your policy documents might have the answers you need to protect your garden. Here is what you need to know about using home insurance to protect it.

What Can Be Covered

It is important to know what can be insured and what cannot. Most insurance companies provide limited coverage to the garden itself and the items in it at no extra cost. Many insurance companies that provide home insurance will cover the structural elements in your garden. These include fences, conservatories, and sheds. Some even go as far as covering the walls and gates in case they get damaged.

Because what each company covers is different, it is important to be sure of what exactly is included before taking out a policy. Doing a home insurance comparison would benefit you greatly as you will be able to see at a glance what each insurance company offers. Home insurance comparison platforms like Quotezone help you compare offerings from over 50 insurance companies. You also get to save money because you get all the coverage you need at a lower cost.

Everything that you can take with you when you move — plants and pots, for example — are covered under contents insurance which is often bundled with your home insurance.

Getting Enough Cover

To know if you have enough cover, you should know the value of the items you have in your garden besides the garden itself, the valuation of which will vary wildly depending on numerous factors. Start by looking at your garden to see what you have out there. Remember that some insurance companies require that you insure bigger items such as hot tubs, BBQs and trampolines separately as many only cover one high-value item. Items that are over £2,000 are often covered separately so talk to your insurance agent to see how you can get them included.

Damage and Theft

Damage and theft are often considered for furniture and gardening tools. Because you may have had these items for some time, check their value and price at the time of getting the policy to ensure they are adequately covered. Additionally, always hold on to all receipts for all garden items to make future claims easier.

About Security

Insurance companies do not cover any items stolen or damaged due to carelessness. This is why they insist that you secure everything in the garden if you want the claims process to go smoothly. This applies to appliances that you may have in your garden such as patio heaters.

Also note that even though your home insurance may cover an outdoor home office or gym, you need to prove that you secure it adequately before making a claim if something is stolen.

Protecting your garden using insurance can be a complicated and convoluted process due to the variation of items you can have out there and what different insurance companies cover. Taking an inventory, knowing the value of your items, and signing with the right company will all help you protect your garden.

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