How To Create A Kitchen Garden

How To Create A Kitchen Garden

Gardening is a wonderful hobby and it can be very rewarding. However it can be daunting to try to know where to begin! Also, if you live in a flat or a property with no garden, you might feel precluded from the hobby due to the lack of outdoor space. This is not quite true though as you can begin your kitchen gardening journey even with a tiny amount of space; all you really need is a plant pot!

Also, sometimes it is better to start small with anything and build your way up. Countless people will tell the tale of how they took on a large garden only to be put off by the sheer management requirement of it! Keeping a large garden right from the get-go will require work and dedication so then it’s easy to be put off when things don’t grow or they fail. Keeping things small in terms of your garden at the outset will mean that you will learn from this small patch and then grow (pardon the pun!), your confidence and thus be able to progress to a larger spot if that were to come up for you. You should also take time to research online what plants, herbs or fruits will suit your home or lifestyle as this will help to ensure the longevity of your gardening. You could also visit any garden centre where the attendants generally would be happy to help you and advise you.

The guys at Crowe Sawmills have put together this infographic below that explains exactly what a kitchen garden is; it outlines why you should grow your own; it highlights the equipment you need to begin your gardening journey; it mentions the gardening terminology you need to know; it also focuses on a number of tips for beginners on how to get started in the first place :

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