Garden Party
Garden Party

5 Top Tips For Throwing A Garden Party

The summer weather in the UK might be a little temperamental, but with some Covid lockdown restrictions still in place, a lot of people are turning to throwing garden parties instead of their usual get togethers. Nothing feels better than meeting up with family and friends and enjoying a garden party in the comfort of your own home can make you feel all the more relaxed.

Getting everything together for your garden party can be exciting, but it can also be quite overwhelming, meaning that some things get forgotten. With that in mind, here are some of the top tips for throwing a garden party this summer that won’t be forgotten!

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Any party planner will tell you that the comfort of your guests should be your top priority. If your garden party is set to take place during the day, then be sure to have some shaded areas and some emergency suncream on hand if the weather is set to be nice. If it’s in the evening, then have a couple of throws or blankets scattered around for guests to grab, especially if you are expecting older guests. Your guests should feel relaxed, no matter the weather, so if they’re too hot or feeling the chill, they’re less likely to enjoy themselves.

Get More Food Than You Think You’ll Need

It’s always better to be overprepared than underprepared and it’s always better to have too much food for your guests than too little. Depending on the food you’re planning to serve, this is easier said than done, which is why buffet or BBQ style party food always goes down well. When planning your food items, try to take the weather into consideration as carb-heavy foods will be too much for a warm summer’s day, whereas if the weather is forecast to be a bit overcast, then some warm options are best.

Be sure to cater for dietary requirements, too, so do your research and see if you have any guests that are vegetarian, vegan or have a gluten intolerance. Nut and shellfish allergies are also quite common, so these are also best being checked.

Have different types of food for people to enjoy, too. Small starter-like dishes are good to get people’s appetite going when they first arrive, especially when paired with a welcome drink! Have a few different options for a “main” dish, with some sides and have a mixture of different desserts on offer. A range of bakery products will cater to all tastes, whilst specially curated desserts give a touch of class to any party.

Plan For All Weathers

Any well prepared party thrower will know to prepare for any and all weather conditions, especially in the UK summer. Whilst we all want to have sunny weather for a garden party, the chances are that you will be dealing with some rain or overcast weather. Have some kind of plan in place for any weather changes and ensure that there is some shelter where your guests can take cover from the rain. You could look at hiring a marquee, especially with some restrictions still in place in regards to covid and the number of people in your home. A marquee not only provides shelter from rain, but also shade for if the weather is warm.

Choose Music With Your Guests In Mind

Music is vital for all parties and is essential when it comes to setting the mood and tone for your party, especially for garden party playlists. You know your guests and what kinds of music they’ll like, so be sure to have a mixture depending on their tastes and the vibe you want your party to have. You want people to feel relaxed whilst they’re eating, but not feel afraid to get up and dance to some cheesy hits as the party heads into the evening! When hosting a garden party, be sure to take your neighbours into consideration and let them know out of courtesy that you’re having a garden party and what time you expect it to end. No one wants to hear their neighbours singing into the small hours!

Have Some Games On Hand

A garden party is a great idea to keep friends and family of all ages entertained. Set out some bubbles and hula hoops to keep guests entertained when they first arrive – you might be surprised at who grabs some bubbles when they get there! Then, for later on, lawn and garden games are always a good shout. You can hire some from local businesses, or buy your own giant versions of favourites such as Jenga, Twister and croquet. If you have a concrete patio or driveway, then leave out some chalk to keep kids entertained, or draw out some fun playground games on the floor such as hopscotch.

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