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    Welcome to Gardeners Club

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    The Gardeners Club is a free to join club all about the joys, benefits and pleasures of the garden. The Gardeners Club, a landscaped service designed to bring you a first class gardening reference site where you'll find expert knowledge from experienced gardeners, important information, details of shows and events and latest news, plus much, much more. Your own local online garden club where you'll be able to interact with fellow gardeners and other green fingered people. Share your pictures, share your tips and tricks, share your gardening experiences, share your views on gardening and share your knowledge.

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    12 great summer flowers for every garden

    Bio: Elisabeth is an enthusiastic gardener, currently working on her beautiful summer garden.

    That dream of every gardener and anyone who enjoys a nice garden: You and your hammock, sunlight touching your skin and a...

    Water features for your garden

    Consider enhancing your home garden space with a few attractive and atmospheric water features.

    Even the most spectacular home garden can easily be upgraded by involving water, whether it's in the form of a...

  • Kate Williams - Veg Verse
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    Kate Williams - Veg Verse
    Kate Williams is a fantastic poet with a broad portfolio of work. Kate has published children’s poetry, she holds poetry workshops and does wonderful poetry performances. Kate offers poetry shows each accompanied by a classical guitar. Here at the Gardeners Club we thought you would all be...

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    Upcoming flower shows

    RHS Great London Plant Fair: 1st - 2nd April, RHS Horticultural Halls, Westminster

    Get expert advice and horticultural products from fantastic international and UK based nurseries.

    Suffolk Spring Garden...

    Watering the garden efficiently

    The key to efficient watering of your garden is deep and infrequent; this will encourage plants to generate a strong root system.

    What am I trying to achieve when watering?

    To deeply soak the soil as this...

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    Crocks in your plant pots?

    6th May 2014

    We're sure you will all agree that for as long as you can remember gardeners have been advised to put broken pieces of pottery at the bottom of plant pots to aid drainage. But recent research has put a question mark...

    Dealing with waterlogged gardens

    18th February 2014

    With all this extreme wet weather we’re experiencing throughout the UK, here at the Gardeners Club we wanted to try and do something to help. We hope you haven’t been too badly affected and if you’re lucky enough...

    Gardening may help you live longer

    18th December 2013

    Research carried out at the Karonlinska University Hospital in Stockholm has revealed that gardening and DIY may help you live longer.

    The study was carried out on 4,232 people over the age of 60. As we are...

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  • Weeds such as buttercups, couch grass etc can be totally killed off by filling a refuse bin with water and dropping in the weeds. Put the lid on and leave for 6 weeks. After this time you will have a slimy mass of compost which you can put on your compost heap and you can water with the liquid, it is full of nitrogen and other nutrients. Frankly, I didn't think it would work but my goodness it does. Its the best tip I've received in years, one word of warning, the stench is obnoxious....
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    Guerrilla Gardening: A report from the front line.

    There’s a trickle in the gardening world that’s about to break its banks and flood the world guerilla gardening. In other words...

    Who looks after your plants whilst you’re on holiday gardeners?

    After a survey revealed a staggering 43% of Brits admit to returning from holiday to find their shrubs wilting and dying, a new...

    RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch

    Did you take part in this year’s survey to find out which birds are regularly frequenting our gardens and parks? Over half a...

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