Nurture Your Christmas Plants

Poinsettias are one of our favourite Christmas Plants, sadly most are thrown out as they fade after their Christmas glory. This Christmas, give your Poinsettia’s a second chance! Follow our guide to making your Poinsettia re-bloom for the next festive season.

  • Cut the plant back in early spring.
  • Fertilise monthly to encourage new growth to appear later in the spring.
  • Once your garden’s past the threat of frost, your Poinsettia may be kept outdoors for the summer.
  • During the summer months you will need to fertilise and prune the plant more regularly to avoid it become too tall and thin.
  • When autumn arrives and temperatures begin to drop it’s time to bring your plant indoors.
  • October, November and December are the crucial months; during this time you must carefully control the amount of light the plant receives. Your plant needs 14 hours each night of total darkness followed by 6 to 8 hours of bright sunlight, be careful to keep this under control, any stray light will upset the schedule.
  • Keep your Poinsettia to this routine of daylight and darkness for 8 to 10 weeks and fingers crossed you’ll be rewarded with a colourful holiday display.

Poinsettias like to be warm, avoid changes of temperature and away from draughts, don’t over water.

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