Making Your Garden More Insect-Friendly: Here’s What You Can Do

Although some may see insects as pests, they are vital for a healthy garden. Certain insects, like buzzing bees, help our plants flourish and reproduce. If you find that your garden does not attract many insects, you may be looking for some practical solutions to change this. Luckily, this short guide is here to help. We cover it all, from planting wildflowers to investing in some essential garden tools like a cordless power drill.

Plant Insect-Friendly Wildflowers

Take a good look at your garden. Would you say it lacks variety? Sure, having the same plants throughout your garden can look great, but a lack of variety will mean the number of insects in your garden will decrease. The more insect-friendly wildflowers you can plant, the better. Not only are they easy to grow and maintain, but they are a sure-fire way to attract more insects into your garden. Refer to a list of wildflowers online, and choose the ones that will best thrive in your garden’s environment. Ask for help down at your local garden centre if you need advice. 

Drill Holes Into The Soil

Drilling holes into your lawn may sound strange, but there is a method behind the madness. Creating these holes encourages insects like worms to visit your garden. It creates a friendly environment where they can thrive. It also accelerates new lawn growth as it replenishes the soil. The best tool to use for this type of job is a cordless power drill. Luckily, these are easy to get hold of, and you can find a variety of cordless power drills online, thanks to sites like OnBuy. You can also use your gadget to drill holes in raised flower beds. This helps with drainage.

Build An Insect Hotel

An insect hotel is a man-made structure that provides shelter for insects. They are often made from wood and other materials you can forage from your garden. This can be a particularly fun activity for those who like to get creative. If you have children, it is a great way to also teach them about wildlife and get them interested in this topic. Insect hotels attract insects such as spiders, ladybirds, and bees. You can purchase them online. However, if you would like to make one for yourself, you can follow a DIY insect hotel tutorial online.

Start Composting

Where do you put your garden and kitchen waste? If the answer is in the bin, it’s time to make a change. Garden and kitchen waste can be used to create a compost heap. Not only does it help you adopt a more sustainable approach to living, but it also helps you attract plenty more insects to your garden. You will notice insects like slugs feed on rotting matter, while the heat also provides shelter for other animals like hedgehogs. To start your compost heap, you will need to clear a space in your garden. Make sure you create a base layer of twigs before you begin adding your waste.

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