Ideal Plants For Your Conservatory That Live All Year Round

Having house plants in your conservatory is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and to really tie in your space with the greenery outside, creating a seamless flow between the indoors and your garden. Temperatures and conditions in conservatories can fluctuate quite significantly throughout the year, so being aware of this when it comes to plants in your conservatory is key. However, you don’t need to be a plant expert in order to keep them alive! We’re here with some of our favourite plants for your conservatory, as well as some tips on how to care for them well.

Best Plants For Your Conservatories

All of the plants below are easy to care for, resistant to changes in temperature, don’t need much water and are happy in both sunny and shaded conditions, making them ideal for your conservatory! They all bring something different as well, so you can create your own indoor jungle with plenty of variety. You could put any plants in the conservatory if you’re willing to put the time and research into looking after them, but if you’re more interested in how the plants look and bringing some stunning greenery into the space then the following plants are some of your best bets:

  • Snake Plants
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees
  • Swiss Cheese Plants
  • Money Trees
  • Yucca’s

How To Care For Conservatory Plants

Choose Your Plants Carefully

It’s best to avoid very temperamental plants in your conservatory, especially ones that need specific light and heat conditions. Instead, ones that can adapt to different conditions throughout the year are best suited to conservatories.

Stabilise Temperature Where Possible

Where you can, it’s best to maintain a stable temperature. This won’t always be the case, but if you can make your conservatory slightly warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, it will help your plants, as well as make the space more enjoyable for you. Things like conservatory roof insulation, good conservatory window blinds, underfloor heating and well-insulated windows and doors can help to make this possible.

Adjust Watering In The Summer and Winter

Watering your conservatory plants the same way all year round simply won’t do! In the summer, you should water every 2-3 days (depending on the size of the plant, how dry it feels and how hot your conservatory gets), then in the winter you’ll likely only need to water every 1-2 weeks.

Increase Humidity In The Summer

Plants love humid environments, and unfortunately, conservatories tend to get pretty dry in the summer months when it’s really hot. So, things like spritzing the leaves with water (not when they’re in direct sunlight as this can make them singe, so doing this first thing in the morning is best) or making your own humidifier tray by placing stones in a tray with water and then putting your plant on top will help to keep your plants happy! This likely won’t be necessary in the winter and could cause mould to develop which you want to avoid, but in the summer it’s a great little tip to help your plants grow and thrive.

Consider More Established Plants

If you’re a bit nervous about looking after plants, then a good tip is to buy more established plants. They’re much more sturdy than younger plants, so they’re not as sensitive to changes in temperature or light, meaning you can sit back and relax a bit more! Some people really thrive when it comes to looking after plants and enjoy doing it, but if you want the plants there more for the aesthetic than anything else, then established plants will be the way to go.

Guest Contributor: Natalie Wilson

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