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2019 Design Trends for your Garden

Whether you are looking to completely redesign your garden or simply want to update the functionality and look of your garden, Guest Contributor Oceo Gardens Rooms  has put together some of the top design trends for 2019.

From creating a space which is low maintenance to creating interesting focal points, this article will provide you with the inspiration you can use for your garden.

Creating a low maintenance garden

Due to the hustle and bustle of modern life, gardeners are always looking to simplify their gardens, and 2019 will be no different. Creating a low maintenance garden that still has visual appeal, areas to entertain and relax, while also being practical can be a daunting task, but following these simple tip can make a big difference.

Perennial Plants

Using perennial plants is an easy and low maintenance way of adding colour and focal points into the garden. Some of the most popular perennial plants include:

Lavender – Lavender produces a fragrant summer scent and is perfect to use for edging and borders, it also has the benefit of attracting bees and butterflies to the garden.

Geranium – These hardy and low-maintenance perennials provide pops of colour throughout the summer and are available in a range of colours including white, pink, purple and blue.

Helenium – With colours ranging from red to orange and bright yellow, Helemiums work well in borders and typically flower from midsummer to early autumn providing visual appeal to the garden.

Remove high maintenance bushes and shrubs

Consider removing any messy bushes and shrubs from the garden, especially those who shed their leaves regularly. Box Hedge, Leylandii and Conifers are all great choices for edging and garden borders, while Rhododendrons and Camellia provide pops of colour at different times of the year.

Choose Hardscaping Materials

If you’re looking for low maintenance gardening options, hardscaping materials such as stones, rocks, patios and gravel are ideal. These materials come in many shapes, colours and sizes and don’t need constant looking after as lawns do.

Creating a staycation spot

With holiday prices continuing to rise, many people choose to stay in the comfort of their home instead, so why not turn your garden into the ultimate staycation space. Creating a tranquil area to entertain, relax and unwind in is easy with these inspirational tips:

  • Install a weatherproof sound system so that you can play music while you’re outside.
  • Build a fire pit to draw people outside and relax into the night in comfort.
  • Invest in comfortable garden furniture.
  • Install garden lighting so that you can use the space when it gets dark.
  • Have a dedicated area for cooking and entertaining such as a raised patio area or pergola.

If you have a larger garden, one trend that’s sure to be big in 2019 is creating secluded areas to relax and unwind in away from the main garden. Whether you plan to read, meditate or just relax in the space, adding things like a simple water feature, lush plants and a calm, neutral colour palette will provide a retreat from the rest of the garden.

Turn your garden structures into interesting focal points

Some garden structures such as sheds, walls and greenhouses are a necessity for many, and since these structures will be seen every day, why not turn them into interesting focal points.

Painting garden sheds and fences with a bold, vibrant colour can make them stand out and provide interest in the garden, while the use of garden lighting can make things come alive when it gets dark.

Looking after wildlife

Making sure that your garden is wildlife friendly is a great way of giving back to nature and welcoming them into your space; this is especially important during the winter months when food and water are in short supply.

Creating a range of different habitats will allow wildlife to breed and shelter in safety while providing them with food and water will allow them to forage and feed.

There are a variety of plants which attract wildlife that flower and seed at different times of the year. Berry bushes and fruit trees also provide valuable seasonal food, while a source of clean water is also important.


Staycation in your Garden

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